Emotional Chaos to Clarity

Despite our best-laid plans, life can often be difficult, disappointing, and stressful. Consequently, when things don’t go right, we are often left in a state of emotional chaos, dealing with feelings like anger, anxiety, frustration, and doubt, that can cloud our perspective and negatively affect the way we live. In Emotional Chaos to Clarity, Phillip Moffitt shows us that we don’t need to be at the mercy of our emotions. By cultivating a responsive mind rather than a reactive one, we can achieve a state of emotional clarity that allows us to live skillfully and act with wisdom even in the face of obstacles or unhappiness.

With insight that is grounded in Buddhist philosophy and Western psychology, Moffitt guides us through a process of discovering the benefits of responding to life’s ups and downs from our deepest intentions, including:

  • Knowing and acting from our core values at all times
  • Gaining wisdom from both pleasant and unpleasant experiences
  • Having an inner life that can flourish, even if our outer life is filled with challenges
  • Learning to speak only what is true, useful, and timely, even during moments of anger or outrage
  • Freeing ourselves from the past
  • Being able to soothe ourselves when we feel disappointed or overwhelmed by life

With its clearly articulated wisdom and effective, interactive exercises and self-assessments, Emotional Chaos to Clarity is an indispensable guide for those wishing to move through life’s challenges with a calm, clear mind, and a peaceful, loving heart.

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