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Change is a fact of life and yet we often find ourselves ill-equipped to manage it skillfully. Major life changes naturally bring up concerns, fears, and questions that can lead to confusion, lack of motivation, or poor decisions. In this workshop, you will learn skills and strategies to effectively respond to the challenges of change such as:

  • Identify the areas of your life that need attention and gain insights about your strengths and challenges in dealing with change
  • Create a strategy for effectively navigating your change
  • Recognize habits of mind that undermine you and learn practices to disengage from their influence
  • Identify your values and intentions so you have a basis for making wise decisions

I loved the Changes & Transitions Workshop. It was the perfect combination of teaching, interactive exercises, personal and group reflection, meditation, and poetry. I came away with a greater understanding, awareness and respect for my own change process and the importance of changes and transitions as we grow and evolve.

– Deb Wetherby, CEO, Wetherby Asset Management