For Leaders & Organizations

Acknowledging the Need for Change

Change and the transitions that go with it are facts of life for every leader and for every organization. Change is normal and necessary, but often difficult and uncertain. Leaders and organizations have times when they need help imagining a change, understanding what the driving factors are in the situation, and navigating through the transition that follows a change event. This transitional period is often an overlooked part of organizational and personal change.

A select, specialized group of Organizational Strategists within the Institute for Change & Transition have been trained to work with you and your organization in regard to skillfully navigating major change. These Strategists have been organizational leaders themselves and know firsthand the challenges you are facing.

Our Organizational Strategists can work with you and/or your organization in one of the three following ways, or they can develop a custom program for you.

Individual Leadership Development

In a series of private, one-to-one training sessions with one of our specialized Strategists, you can address issues that are leading to imbalances in your leadership and develop capacities that lead to sustainable leadership and well-being.

  • We analyze the issues that are interfering with your ability to be a fully effective leader over time.
  • We consider your issues in the context of your whole life and identify other related questions and challenges that you might not be aware of.
  • We do a strategic analysis of your leadership situation based on your values that includes an assessment of your priorities and how you allocate time.
  • We explore new options for dealing with your issues and probe them until you’re able to identify the one you are most aligned with.
  • We then create a critical path, complete with goals, tactics, and a calendar for implementation.
  • Ongoing, we work with any issues that arise around implementing your strategic plan and we challenge you with hard questions that push you to move forward in your life.

How do you sustain leadership over an extended period of time? This question has perplexed most organizations and is often cited as a managerial crisis. We can help when you and your team are struggling with vision, mission, goals, and priorities. The team may have differing ideas for defining and implementing goals and may even have conflicting core values. To address these challenges, we guide you and your group through a process of clarifying values and sorting priorities, tasks, resources, and conflicts. The goal is to form a plan and the steps for implementation.

Often, varied styles of communication lead to misunderstandings and conflict. We use a number of typology exercises to help you understand yourself and those around you in terms of your mindsets and internal motivators. This understanding can improve your communication skills, develop compassion, and strengthen your leadership.

In order to address embedded cultural and organizational problems, our Strategists will guide you and your team through a deep examination of the issues at hand. They will facilitate a strategic process that results in a restart, a fresh sense of purpose and direction such that you and your team come away with a shared set of goals, clarity, and vision.

We offer customized one-day workshops or a series of consultations with your team.

Strategy Retreats for Leaders

We developed these retreats for small groups of leaders who are affiliated with one another either through a professional organization or through friendship and who are interested in a shared leadership and personal development experience. Our Change & Transition Strategy Retreats for Leaders are customized for your group and your interests and needs.

Some typical situations leaders explore at our retreats:

  • Thinking about making a major change, such as leaving your position or changing careers.
  • Being forced into a professional transition that is not of your own making, such as your company has been sold or is downsizing.
  • Thinking about selling your business or what to do now that you just sold it.
  • Feeling disappointed now that you’ve achieved professional success.
  • Recently experienced a major failure.
  • Your professional life is interfering with your personal relationships.

These custom-created retreats can be 2 to 5 days long. The retreat program is designed to address the specific challenges and opportunities regarding the changes and transitions that are happening in your lives now or that are on the near horizon.

The retreat facilitators are Strategists who have been leaders themselves. They guide you through a deep exploration of your changes and transitions and address your current issues and concerns. In addition to looking at your specific situations, we offer a broader context for understanding the impersonal dynamics of change from the vantage points of social science research and Buddhist philosophy.

The intent is to equip you with knowledge, mindfulness practices, and deeper self-understanding such that you are able to navigate your current change and transition more skillfully as well as your future changes.

It wasn’t until doing Change and Transition Strategy sessions that I found a path to increased sustainable well-being. I’ve learned to generate my well-being as I live my life, and I know how to recover myself when I’m knocked off balance by life’s unavoidable pain and suffering.

– Stan Leopard, CEO and Strategist, Joseki Inc., Las Vegas, NV

Phillip Moffitt and the IFCT team have been transformative in maturing the leadership of our senior team and deepening our organizational culture. Their approach brings in a multiplicity of expertise, wisdom, and a deep embodied understand of leadership, organizational life cycles, and the rich nuances of teamwork. I wholeheartedly recommend Phillip and IFCT for any team wanting to truly deepen and broaden their effectiveness and sustainability throughout their organization and in the world.

– Michelle Latvala, Executive Director, Spirit Rock Meditation Center

What to Expect

Are you a candidate for our Individual Leadership Development Training Sessions?

We can help you re-prioritize your goals and develop strategies for achieving them.
We can help you increase your capacity to self renew and be a more effective, long-term leader.
We can help you discover and address the underlying conditions that may be creating the problem.
We can help you create a vision for your personal growth and how to balance it with your professional life.
We can help you identify the rewards of success that are critical to you and develop work-style alternatives that allow new possibilities for a more satisfying life.
We can help you recognize the trigger points that cause the self-sabotage and identify specific steps for altering your behavior.
We can help you analyze the dynamics of your situation and determine what you can do to bring about a change.
We can help clarify the reasons for your ambiguity and help you determine the basis for making a decision.
We can help you identify the inner and outer sources of your tension and create a strategy for alleviating it.
  • We examine the communication protocols and patterns within your organization and look for situations that hinder effective leadership.
  • We name and explore the imbalances that are impairing sustained leadership in your organization. In particular, we look at each individual leader’s relationship to the organization.
  • Each leader completes a series of assessments to identify areas of incongruence that prevent sustainable leadership.
  • Possible areas of focus include fostering new ideas, creating change in your organization, addressing morale problems, and clarifying direction and values.
  • When appropriate, we offer training in how your organization can become a learning community.

What you can expect at a Change & Transition Strategy Retreat for Leaders

  • Talks about the social science of change, the analytical process of “The Journey through Change,” and Adult Stages of Development.
  • Personal assessments followed by dyads in which you report your new or clarified understandings.
  • Each participant will receive individualized guidance from the retreat leader in the presence of the other group members. This offers the power of being witnessed in the process of addressing your personal challenges and opportunities. And, it offers learning for everyone in the group.
  • Each retreat session will begin with a guided meditation that will give you a direct experience of Buddhist understandings of the nature of mind followed by a brief talk illustrating the application of these principles in your daily life.
  • Interactive, reflective discussions contextualized and facilitated by the retreat leader.
  • Typology exercises to help you understand yourself and those around you in terms of your mindsets and internal motivators. This understanding can improve your communication skills, develop compassion, and strengthen your leadership.
  • A multi-faceted exploration of stress and how it manifests in your life. This will include assessing your relationship to stress, exploring ways to skillfully cope with it, and a Buddhist context that will offer a new perspective.
  • How to live an intentional, values-based life.
  • Come away with a strategic plan to skillfully navigate your change and transition.