Phillip Moffitt

About Individual Sessions with Phillip Moffitt

Changes and transitions are a fact of life for all of us. For you, the change may be happening in your personal life, in your role as a leader, or in the realm of making a big decision about selling your company or changing your business strategy. Phillip Moffitt offers individual sessions focusing on personal Change & Transition Strategy, Leadership/Organizational Development, and Business Strategy.

Change is natural and necessary, but often difficult and uncertain. Every person, even the most successful, has times in their lives when they need help imagining a change. One reason for this is it can be a real challenge to understand what all the driving factors are in a major life change. Equally important is planning the steps of the transition that follows a change event. Often, we avoid consciously focusing on the transition because the emotions generated by the change are so intense. One of the great values of doing strategy sessions with Phillip is to bring mindful attention to the transition process as failure to do so often leads to undesirable outcomes.

About Change & Transition Strategy Sessions

Change & Transition Strategy sessions can make a major difference for you if you are considering a change in your personal life, in your career, or if you have questions about satisfaction and meaning in life.

In these individual sessions, Phillip Moffitt acts as your advocate and ally as you do a deep exploration of your current situation and the questions surrounding it. In this process you gain clarity about the internal and external forces that are involved in your current change and learn perspectives and techniques for staying in balance. Phillip emphasizes that this is not psychotherapy; it is an “intervention” in the sense that it results in a plan of action.

In the process of this work, you identify or clarify your values and intentions and this, in and of itself, can bring a sense of relief and ease to your life. With Phillip’s guidance, you sort out your options, discover real possibilities, and prioritize the considerations that are in play in your change and transition. From there, you create a plan complete with goals and strategies and identify the steps needed to implement it.

Logistics and Cost of Change & Transition Sessions

The first session is two hours in length and takes place in person at Phillip’s office in Belvedere, CA located 12 miles north of San Francisco.

Subsequent sessions may be conducted via videoconference or in person and can be of shorter duration.

Phillip’s rate for Change & Transition Strategy sessions is $500 per hour.

About Leadership/Organizational Development Sessions

Being a leader is a hard, uncertain, and often lonely experience. It is not one that is the purview of the many consultants that are available to you. In Leadership Development sessions, Phillip Moffitt will engage you in a personal and confidential exploration of the many dimensions of who you are, your values, and a discovery process of what matters the most to you now, not who you were when you began your leadership.

If you are facing any of the following challenges, then Leadership Development sessions with Phillip can provide you with wise and creative guidance during a pivotal time:

  • Deciding whether to accept a new opportunity.
  • Adjusting to changes in your professional interests, your strengths, your energy, or your motivation.
  • Experiencing stress in response to changing demands.
  • Improving your skills as a planner and communicator.
  • Adjusting to changes in your personal life that affect your professional life.
  • Building a better leadership team.
  • Creating a healthy culture in your organization.

In Leadership Development sessions, you can address issues that are leading to imbalances in your leadership and Phillip will guide you in developing capacities that lead to sustainable leadership and well-being.

Here’s what you can expect in your Leadership Development sessions with Phillip:

  • Analyze the issues that are interfering with your ability to be a fully effective leader over time.
  • Consider your issues in the context of your whole life and identify other related questions and challenges that you might not be aware of.
  • Do a strategic analysis of your leadership situation based on your values that includes an assessment of your priorities and how you allocate time.
  • Explore new options for dealing with the organizational issues you face and then assess them in light of your values and skills to identify a strategy that suits you.
  • Create a critical path plan, complete with goals, tactics, and a calendar for implementation.
  • Ongoing, Phillip will work with you on any issues that arise around implementing your strategic plan and challenge you with hard questions that push you to move forward in your life.

Logistics and Cost of Leadership Development Sessions

The first session is two hours in length and takes place in person at Phillip’s office in Belvedere, CA located 12 miles north of San Francisco.

Subsequent sessions may be conducted via videoconference or in person and can be of shorter duration.

Phillip’s rate for Leadership Development sessions is $750 per hour.

About Business Strategy Sessions

With over 50 years of entrepreneurial and leadership experience combined with his deep understanding of human nature, Phillip Moffitt brings an in-the-trenches-with-you approach to advising business owners and leaders about the strategic challenges they face. Phillip started his first publishing company at the age of 22 and subsequently bought and became the Editor-in Chief and CEO of Esquire magazine at age 33. Because of his early success, would-be entrepreneurs and leaders have sought him out for advice and guidance in the decades since he sold his companies.

Whether you are considering selling your business or buying one, or you need to restructure or redefine your business, Phillip will be your ally in imagining unconventional solutions to your challenges and helping you devise a strategic plan along with the steps to implement it.

Here are some of the issues Phillip has helped past clients with:

Selling a Business

  • Clarifying whether or not this is the time you want to sell your business and if so, how you want to go about it.
  • Defining the whole package of what you want from the sale including considerations such as taking care of employees and deciding whether you will have continued involvement or no involvement.
  • In your particular situation, exploring how you would go about a sale and how to handle it internally with your employees.
    Creating unconventional sales options.
  • Often there is great ambivalence about selling and Phillip helps you sort through the ambivalence.
    (Please note that Phillip does not act as your investment banker.)

Buying a Company

  • Sorting through whether it makes sense to buy.
  • Exploring what kind of offer you need to make.
  • Examining how the purchase may affect your existing operations.

Organizational Restructuring

In organizational restructuring, sometimes it’s the ownership structure that needs to be changed.
Sometimes the question is about regaining clarity as to what business you’re really in or want to be in.
Whether you are selling, buying, or restructuring a company, the considerations are values-based such that all your decisions reflect your values. Phillip also helps you assess your capacity to implement a change at this time; are you truly in a position to buy, sell, or restructure?

Logistics and Cost of Business Strategy Consultation

The first session is two to four hours in length and takes place in person at Phillip’s office in Belvedere, CA.

Subsequent sessions may be conducted via videoconference or in person and can be of shorter duration.

Phillip’s rate for Business Strategy sessions is $1,500 per hour.

I’d come to a juncture in life when I knew I had to change something about my career, maybe everything. Phillip Moffitt accompanied me through the exploration and walked with me through the eventual transition like a wise friend, a seasoned guide and a fellow traveler. Everything was fair game for the work: practical business arrangements; family and emotions; health; and the change I felt called to but couldn’t define. The work recognized all the complexities of my situation; and honored the precious opportunity to craft a richer, more integrated and more satisfying life.

– Owner, Investment Firm