Emotional Chaos to Clarity

In this book, Phillip Moffitt offers practical tools to use to live a less stressful and more purposeful, meaningful, and enjoyable life. He focuses on how mindfulness and intention can lead us to respond skillfully to challenging situations in our daily lives and thereby feel a greater sense of well-being.


Making Major Life Changes

Bringing mindfulness to the longings and impulses that lead you to make major life changes provides a method for consciously and skillfully working with the complexity of moving in new directions in your life.


What Is Mindfulness?

Practicing mindfulness can bring more clarity into your life and diminish the amount of suffering you experience. In this one-minute video, Phillip Moffitt gives a very clear explanation of what mindfulness is and how you will benefit from it.


Ten Values Associated with Well-Being

Just as we have outer priorities in our lives that guide us in our decision-making and setting goals, we have inner priorities, too. The values that we live by can be considered our inner priorities and they guide us in how we implement our outer priorities. These are ten values particularly beneficial to developing an enduring sense of well-being.


Differentiating Goals, Intentions, and Values

Many people lack clarity about their goals, values, and intentions. As we live out the chaos of our lives, it is inevitable that our goals, values, and intentions become enmeshed. However, they are essential reference points for staying true to ourselves and bringing clarity to confusing situations in daily life.


Core Values and Essential Intentions Worksheet

Identifying your core values and then creating a few essential intentions that you are mindful of moment-to-moment in the midst of the chaos of daily life can help you stay in balance and clear-minded. Here is a worksheet we use with clients and in workshops that you can download and fill out to identify your own values and intentions.


Making Skillful Decisions

Applying mindfulness to decision making leads to clearer thinking and to staying connected to your core values, which is crucial to your peace of mind. Mindful decision-making enables you to go beneath the surface level of your moment-to-moment life experience, which is clouded with emotions, to see the truth of what is happening.


Freedom from Fear

It is difficult living in a time of fear, but here you are, and the challenge becomes finding a way not to be consumed by it. This is best accomplished by first observing your responses to the culture of fear that surrounds you. You can then use this knowledge to work with your personal fears.


Don’t Blame the Messenger!

In challenging or painful moments of our lives, can we hear the message that the messenger and form of the message are delivering to us without blame, justification, or indignation? There is much wisdom and peace to be gained if we can separate the message from the messenger and form of the message.


How Suffering Got a Bad Name

Many people are uneasy with the fact that their lives contain suffering; therefore, they are ineffective in coping with whatever difficulties and disappointments arise. It is possible to learn to relate to your suffering in such a way that it is easier to bear.